Abodes for the Gods by Mardith Schuetz-Miller  
The Symbolism of Sacred Ancient Architecture in Eurasia  
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Mardith Schuetz-Miller presents

ABodes of the Gods by Mardith Schuetz-Miller

Abodes for the Gods. The Symbolism of Ancient Sacred Architecture in Eurasia interprets the diverse forms of sacred architecture by examining the world-views, religious beliefs, and rituals of the cultures that built them. This book is a companion to Abodes for the Gods. The Symbolism of Sacred Architecture in the Indo-Pacific. The study employs a multi-disciplinary approach: historical records, religious texts, archaeological findings, linguistic data, works of art, archaeo-astronomy, mathematical development, biology, and ancient sailing records. Perhaps most important is the demonstration that the pre-Euclidean geometry traced in Pre-Euclidean Geometry in the Design of Mission Churches of the Spanish Borderlands was in use by the Neolithic period, as shown in megalithic sites of England and the Mediterranean, Egyptian pyramids and rock-cut tombs, and the temples and temple complexes of Mesopotamia, Persia, India, and Southeast Asia.Buy Now

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